mandate, vision and mission

Battlecry: Sinnaranay, Sigay!

The town’s battlecry shouts to the world that indeed Sigay is a haven for camaraderie and solidarity in helping and caring for each other – a solid manifestation of the Filipino character of “Bayanihan”. “Sinnaranay” is an Ilocano term depicting the value of love and concern for each other regardless of sex, gender, social status, age, etc. most especially in times of need, calamities and crisis situations.

“Bayanihan” is the concept of voluntarily offering service at no cost. It is a value reflective of selfless love – inherent in each and every Sigayano.

Vision: The Robusta IP Helm of Holistic Development

Sigay is richly endowed with natural resources complimented by a temperate to cold climate. It is inhabited by Indigenous Peoples originating from the Bago Tribe intermingled and married to the Ilocanos of the area. Sigay too, has a perfect blend of soil and temperature for coffee plantations. Hence, it’s One Town One Product, the Robusta coffee.

The municipality’s vision is aimed towards its holistic development for the coming years. It shall prioritize development across all sectors – social, economic, infrastructure, the environment and disaster risk reduction coupled with good governance.


To achieve being the Robusta IP helm of holistic development, Sigay shall be:

“Blending Sigay’s resources to give the BESTS”



To ensure the holistic development of the municipality, the following goals shall address all sectoral development priorities:

1. To foster growth and development through unity and self-reliance.
2. To provide responsive, accessible and all-inclusive social services.
3. To build quality, standard and adequate infrastructure.
4. To deliver equitable and dedicated public service institutionalizing participative governance and co-ownership.
5. To preserve, conserve and protect natural systems to promote ecological balance for a disaster-resilient environment.
6. To promote sustainable revenue-generating activities for continuing economic growth.